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How I Travelled The World For Free!

It's something we all dream of, going to destinations across the world and not having to pay!

Well do I have an insight for you on how to do this and NO you don't have to be an influencer with a massive following!

Anyone around the world can do this and it is much much easier than you think it is.

I'll keep this blog post short so it doesn't bore you and myself while writing it (insert laughing crying emoji here).

Let me introduce you to Volunteering and Housesitting!

This lovely website has volunteer opportunities all over the world! Basically you are exchanging your skills and working up to 25 hours per week for free accomodation - it's a no brainer!

I don't have a discount code for you on this website but my friend does!

Use code TRAVELINGWITHSAMANTHA upon signing up for a $10USD discount, better than nothing right?!

There is all sorts of opportunities like bar work at a hostel, NGO work in Africa, housekeeping in hostels/hotels and many many more!

I personally did Social Media & Marketing work in hostels in Europe in exchange for free accomodation and in some instances I got free meals also! My job entailed creating content for the hostels social media pages, posting said content and engaging with the audience - so basically what I already do on my own socials and with my Social Media Management business (shameless plug).

The second website and one I have used the most on my 6 months of travels around Europe and been Trusted House Sitters, this one has saved me a small FORTUNE in accomodation costs and along the way I have met some awesome people from all walks of life and looks after some adorable pets in some pretty cool locations!

There is opportunities all across the world on this website, from Peru to Canada to Dubai to Australia and more.

Lucky for you, I have a HUGE discount code if you sign up via this link below!

And that's it, that is how I managed to travel the world for free, well mostly free in regards to accomodation but I did the figures and I saved well over $5000 over the course of 6 months in accomodation costs!

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