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Selfie of Dean in the rainforest in Victoria, Australia

Who is Dean?

Hi, I'm Dean, a solo traveller from the land down under

aka Australia!

After being in real estate sales for nearly a decade I decided it was time for a break and a change in direction in life, so I gave all that up to pursue my love for exploring the the world and all it has to offer, while documenting as much as I possibly can along the way.

I enjoy being out in nature as much as possible whether that's going for a walk along the beach or hiking a glacier in the magical wonderland that is Iceland!

No matter where I'm at in the world, my drone will be there with me ready to capture it all from above.

Be sure to follow my social channels to stay up to date of my travels and where me and my drone end up!

Do get in touch for any media enquiries, partnerships, drone photography and social media management services.

Lisbon Tram
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