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Quality over Quantity

June 15, 2018

We received this letter in the mail today.
The final step to getting on the ballot in Nevada has been achieved!
Thank you to all the voters that signed the petition, family and friends who helped gather signatures, and the Clark County Registrars Office for being fair in your examination.
We have a long road to November, but just like all challenges, I accept.
Zero corporate money. Zero Party Masters. Miles of Integrity and Determination.

Official Candidate Signing

March 8, 2018

Thank you Irene and everyone at the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Signing today was a joyous occasion for the McGonigle Campaign.

We are one step closer to having No Party Independent voices heard.

Senseless Terrorism

October 2, 2017

No one can predict when a mentally unstable person will concoct a plan to carry out a horrific crime. My heart goes out to the lives lost, people injured, and the family and friends affected.

As we search for a motive and answers to all our questions, please remember people are in mourning.

I know Las Vegas, and Nevada, will come through this stronger than ever. The time is now to unite, and help one another, so we can move past this senseless act of violence.


May 21, 2017

Official announcement for Congressional candidacy via Twitter @VoteMcGonigle. Nevada District 4.

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