I don't want your money!

There are so many other things in life much more valuable than the pursuit of money. Actually…money should be toward the bottom of the list. I have always felt this way. I find people who put the pursuit of wealth above God, family, and country, to be some of the most pompous and insufferable human beings on the planet.

Am I rich? No. Are campaigns expensive? Yes.

Unfortunately, I cannot, in good conscience, ask the great people of Nevada to give me their hard-earned income. I truly believe your money can be better used uplifting your life. We should all strive to use the resources we have to care for our families, to help those in need, and to improve our local communities by helping to make Nevada a safer place to live and raise our families.

What I do want!

As a humble request, I only ask for a little time, and your amazing voice.

There is nothing more powerful to a Statesman than human interaction. Whether it be by the individual running for office, or someone else spreading their message. The human interaction of shaking hands, and explaining why it is so very important to change the status-quo, carries a greater impact on friends, family and neighbors than just another postcard showing up weekly in your mailbox.

200 years ago, people stood on wooden soapboxes on every corner and ranted at anyone who would listen. Luckily for us, we have modern technology. Social Media is our newer, much improved “soapbox”. It’s how we engage each other daily and how we will make the biggest impact in the most expedient fashion.

Lend me your family’s ears through your voice. Capture a few minutes of your friend’s time so you can explain how a true Independent is not a wasted vote in 2018. Finally, we must believe we will win the upcoming election each and every time we talk to those around us.

That’s it!

Be creative and have fun. Bring excitement back to election season with your friends and family. Make a crafty yard sign with your kids. Walk the neighborhood with your spouse and kids. Knock on doors (you may end up making new friends). Register people to vote! Not only is this good for the community, but an excellent way to educate people on the voting process. What they do not know, really can hurt them. At a minimum, you can always promote my online presence (website, Facebook, Twitter).
Again, have fun. Election season shouldn’t be depressing. It shouldn’t be about hate or division. It should be about unity. It should be about voting for the best person to help return America back to the Common Good.

Thank you immensely if you have chosen to volunteer your time and voice. If you need any help, guidance, or direction, please contact me.
Please send pictures or any stories of interactions, so I can share them with the world.

Thank you for visiting my website. Should you come to the conclusion that I am not a good “fit” for your vote, I hope your future is bright, and your candidate even brighter. I hope they fulfill your expectations of what a representative should be, and I hope your expectations are high.

If you must...

If you feel the only way to help is to give money, I understand. Time is so much more valuable, and having an outspoken voice might not be for everyone. Here is the way to do that. All funds will be used for campaign purposes only, and used responsibly.
***The maximum you can give to one candidate by law during an entire election cycle in NV is $5000.00

DISCLAIMER – To any corporation, political party, or celebrity. You acknowledge and understand immediately by clicking donate (Or not clicking donate. It doesn't matter):

- Your name, number, and address will not be in my rolodex. Ever.
- You have no influence on any vote, or anything that may affect my constituents during my term(s) of office (and probably Ever).
- You or your lobbyists will never be let into my office, or have any contact with me, at any time. Ever. (I'm seeing a trend here)
- To me, your opinion about anything that has to do with normal American daily life is less than that of a Desert Bighorn Sheep. Ever. (OK OK. This one totally didn't belong)

Thank you for your donation!

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